Rail Route

The Fresia F150FS is a road-rail machine classified in category 9C under CE Standard EN-15746. The braking and traction work on the road wheels and the load is shared between the road and rail wheels.

It was conceived as a tool carrying truck to be used in particularly demanding applications such as:

  • Rail yards
  • Road maintenance
  • Rescue of broken down vehicles on rails and roads (city tramways)

Due to its particular configuration it offers and extremely high towing force.

The driving device on the rail is comprised of two special axles, with self-directing driving wheels (also available for city tramways), assuring standing contact with the rails even in the narrowest turns.

The axles and chassis are linked by means of a pneumo-hydraulic suspension system which can be adjusted by the operator and is automatically compensated by hydro-pneumatic accumulators which guarantee a constant and balanced load on steel wheels situated on the rails. This system offers high stability and safety.

The vehicle is available with a wide variety of options and customizations to suit all customer requirements