The ATLAS TT is extremely versatile and manoeuvrable.
Capable of handling narrow body aircraft (up to A320’s and 737’s), it can also be used with different ramp equipment such as W.C. carts, GPU's, ASU's, Belt loaders, PAX stairs and dolly’s.

The ATLAS TT Tractors have :

  • Full-Time 4WD assures great traction in any weather conditions
  • Both front and rear heavy duty axles are over-engineered mounted on leaf spring suspensions to give maximum comfort and reliability
  • To further insure reliability, a third central locking-differential provides stress release on the wheels and greatly reduces tire consumption
  • Four-wheel Caliper-Type Disk Brakes assure maximum stopping security but also greatly facilitate maintenance.

Available in different configurations from 5000 to 8000 kg. DBP up to 6,400Kg)