Heavy tractors

FRESIA SP SERIES offers a wide range of Tow Tractors for all type of Aircrafts :

  • SP100 from 14 up to 18 tons weight
  • SP200 from 20 up to 30 tons weight
  • SP300 50 from 43 up to 55 tons weight
  • SP300 60/70 from 60 up to 70 tons weight that can easily handle any aircraft up to the latest A 380.

All FRESIA products are built according to meticulous engineering standards with detailed workmanship and outstanding quality all at very competitive prices.
Many configurations and options are available. Our Engineering department is capable of customizing our machines to meet the specific needs of our customers.

FRESIA SP SERIES tractors include major advantages such as:

  • Both front and rear axles are suspension mounted. We make our own over-engineered heavy duty axles. To further insure reliability, we install a third central differential, between the axles, which provides stress release on the wheels and greatly reduces tire consumption.
  • Four wheel, Caliper Disk Brakes assure maximum stopping security but also greatly facilitate maintenance.
  • Hydraulically lifting height cab for maximum comfort and visibility.






Suitable for Narrow Bodied Aircraft
up to 180Tons MTOW

Tractor weight: 14,000-18,000Kg

DBP: up to 140Kn

Suitable for Aircrafts
up to 300Tons MTOW

Tractor weight: 20,000-30,000Kg

DBP: up to 240Kn

Suitable for Aircrafts
up to 450Tons MTOW

Tractor weight: 43,000-55,000Kg

DBP: up to 390Kn

Suitable for Aircrafts
up to 650Tons MTOW

Tractor weight: 60,000-70,000Kg

DBP: up to 460Kn