The FRESIA universal Vee-blades represent the best in the snowplowing sector.

This equipment is indispensable for all mountain roads which need to be cleared from high frozen snow mounds, wind-blown snow stacks or to move snow out of the way to remove road obstacles.

The whole V-blade structure is made of special high tensile steel and the scraper edges are made of manganese steel to ensure an high wear and impact resistance.

The V-Blade equipped with all hydraulic, which can operated by the driver, permiting lifting and lowering and the independent opening and closing of each wing to form ; V-shape, right or left angle, scoop or flat.

Hydraulic and mechanical security devices protect the blade and vehicle from possible bumps and road obstacles so that work may continue without interruptions. Different sized FRESIA Universal V-Blades are suitable to be applied on tractors, 4x4 vehicles, wheel loaders and graders with high snow clearing performance.